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Training Choices

Survive n’ Thrive: The Ultimate Challenge of Excellence

The Ultimate Challenge of ExcellenceThis ultimate leadership training was inspired by Dr. Scout Lee’s life altering experience as a finalist on the CBS hit show, Survivor. This experience, combined with the wisdom gained from 29 years of success in corporate training and motivational speaking, created the impetus for the ultimate Challenge of Excellence.

This training is designed to honor, reward and invest in extraordinary talent. Great companies understand the pivotal role leadership talent plays in our current economy. They attract, retain and invest in the best. They make sure their talent feels appreciated and valued. To meet the requirements defined by top talent, this training is leading edge, performance driven, and strategically designed to reward the best.

Join us for this exhilarating, profitable adventure. Drawing from Scout’s experience on the CBS hit show, “SURVIVOR”, and our 29 years of experiential corporate training we have created the ultimate strategic game.


Increasing Positive Morale - PUMPED!

Increasing Positive MoraleVisi on Us, Inc. provides training, coaching and key-note speaking engagements to promote positive morale. Great companies and organizations know and do the following to fuel positive morale.

Extensive research shows that morale level dramatically impacts corporate and organizational success. A variety of factors can result in a lowering of positive morale and a decrease in enthusiasm. Regardless of the cause, the signs of low morale are evident. The sooner you address it, the easier it is to turn it around.


Jump Start Training

Jump Start TrainingThis energizing training experience will fine tune and fire up your te am. The focus is on relationship skills, peak performance and achieving positive outcomes.  You leave with the tools needed to keep the fire burning for the long haul.

In an indoor or outdoor setting we coach your team and support you by utilizing the Excellence Principle ™ and Tracking ™. Together, we power a workplace culture that is marked by positive morale and a highly motivated team of people. In the new economy of increasing demand and shrinking resources, the most underdeveloped natural resource remains the human resource. This training can quickly Jump Start and enrich the talents of your team. Most importantly you leave with the skills to continue fueling excellence.


Keys for Peak Performance

Keys for Peak PerformanceThis high energy, engaging and interactive training is offered in an indoor setting at a location near you. This 1 to 2 day seminar will provide you with team performance tools and interpersonal skills that enable your team members to consistently achieve peak performance.

Our team performance coaches are experts in facilitating cultural change in the workplace and enhancing multicultural teamwork. You leave with all the keys necessary for creating a positive and energizing team climate.


Outrageous, Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service ProgramVision Us, Inc. delivers an energizing, interactive, inf ormative customer service program that keeps the interest of participants. It is proven that retention of information escalates when a person uses all of their senses in the learning process. We tap them all and make it fun! Our program fits into a keynote presentation or a training session. We incorporate your meeting theme or training focus to tailor our presentation to your audience.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning - Your Road Map to Success

Strategic PlanningIf you want strategic planning that is efficient, thorough and results in your having the desired product, then you want the facilitation services of Vision Us, Inc. Participants are excited and motivated by the process and the product that we co-create together. Ownership and buy-in is a given when key players are engaged in the process.


Peak Performance Personal Coaching

Personal CoachingA few simple changes in your methods can make you a much better leader, coach, and communicator! Our experienced consultants will focus on coaching you to more fully develop your leadership and coaching skills. Dr. Scout Cloud Lee and Dr. Jan Summers work one-on-one with you to sharpen your leadership skills, improve your communication skills, and hone your organizational abilities.


High Games

A "High Game" is played outdoors in a remote, primitive setting. The games’ complexities are specifically designed to elicit and encode behavior patterns that promote success in pressure situations. The games provide real, rather than simulated experiences. Some of our "High Games" include Indian Coupe, Hunter-Hunted, Round Up, Ambush, Trek, and Money, Love and Power. Other "High Games" may emerge to meet the needs of your group.


Outdoor Adventure

Upon request we facilitate white water rafting trips, horseback riding, rookie rodeos, corporate retreats, and golf tournaments.


Brand Training and Coaching

In some instances Vision Us, Inc. provides ongoing training and coaching. This is on a retainer basis and it is a cost-effective option when you are interested in multiple trainings and consultation for your company.


Precision Meeting Format

The ability to lead/facilitate an energized, productive meeting is an essential tool for success. The Vision Us, Inc. meeting format is designed to make meetings enjoyable and productive. Imagine members of your company actually looking forward to meetings because they know the meeting will be organized in an efficient, stimulating format that produces results.

Ideally, everyone that attends meetings will be familiar and comfortable with a "Precision Meeting Format". When all members understand the map the meeting is following it enhances both productivity and pleasure.

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