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Keynote Motivational Speaker

Key Note Motivational SpeakerDr. Scout Cloud Lee has entertained and inspired over 2,500 audiences, extending in scope from the American Education Societies, The American Women in Radio and Television, IBM International, Federal Highway Administration, American Camping Association, Canadian Builders Association, the National Parks and Recreation Association,the Chickasaw Nation, the Seminole Nation, and countless others. As a Moto-edu-tainer, she has traveled throughout the world motivating, educating and entertaining audiences from all walks of life.

Always, audiences comment on how exhilarated, up-lifted and inspired they feel after one of her performances. Not only do they have a fabulous time, they also leave with knowledge and motivation that moves them forward in their professional and personal lives.

With boundless energy, her innate enthusiasm for life sparks audiences to “catch the fire” of their own spirit. She easily transforms audiences into the stars of the show, alive, vital and in step with the message and music.

Her many years of success as a university professor, author, renowned international corporate trainer, top executive and rancher provide an incredible base of academic and experiential knowledge to assist her in establishing rapport with a vast variety of audiences. In addition, Dr. Lee is an international Peace Elder and she draws from her mixed cultural roots to honor diversity and present a message of peace that inspires tapping your highest excellence.

Author of eleven books and hundreds of articles on human excellence, peak performance and re-spiriting individuals and organizations, Dr. Lee has been featured on documentaries and television specials by all major television networks. She has also been repeatedly interviewed on leading radio shows. As a singer/songwriter she has produced four C.D.’s and her musical talent is woven throughout her presentations.

The Executive Director of the Smithsonian Institute said of Scout, " I would like to cast your image in bronze and stand it in the Smithsonian to represent ,The Spirit of the Pioneering Woman in America Today! " Known as “the World’s Best Friend” and “Cheerleader of the Human Spirit” , her elegance, radiance, contagious wit, and remarkable intelligence light up any stage. Her message encourages audiences to accomplish the dreams of their heart. Heralded as the Best Keynote Speaker on Earth, Dr. Scout Cloud Lee is spellbinding.

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