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Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

Dr. Scout Cloud LeeDR. SCOUT CLOUD LEE is the founder and CEO of Vision Us, Inc. She has over 35 years of experience as an administrative leader, university professor, motivational speaker and corporate coach and consultant. Dr. Lee has an extraordinary ability to track and increase peak performance in individuals and in teams. She has extensive top-level experience in facilitating corporate retreats, leadership trainings, individual productivity and performance coaching. She is author of numerous books and articles and is a sought after key-note motivational speaker. Dr. Lee's research and experience in management consulting have resulted in featured documentaries in America, Canada, and Europe.

She has compiled over 2,500 public appearances, including keynote addresses for corporate meetings, state and national conventions and CBS sponsored events. In addition she had an audience of over 30 million, as she became a finalist on the CBS top reality show, “Survivor Vanuatu”. She was selected as 1 of 18 contestants from approximately 250,000 applicants. Her worldwide reputation is one of “Integrity in Action”. Dr. Lee walks her talk. Dr. Lee was also honored to carry the Olympic torch exemplifying the theme “Light The Fire Within.”

As a consultant, Dr. Lee designs and facilitates applied and experiential learning experiences that focus on personal excellence, leadership, communication, visioning, and teaming. Her latest trainings, “Survive and Thrive – The Ultimate Challenge of Excellence” brings the best of the practical and dependable principles she utilized to excel in her CBS “Survivor” experience. Individuals and teams learn to communicate more effectively, lead with passion, grow strengths, perform under pressure and attract winners to their team. Participants face challenges in which they must deliver, regardless of the competition, circumstances or environment. It is teaming and peak performance at its finest.

In addition, Scout is the author of twelve books and over one hundred articles. Her books range from a graduate textbook in "Program Design and Systems Analysis", published by Prentice-Hall to "The Circle is Sacred", a book that brings the power of ancient teachings to modernity. Her most recent book is “Sworn To Fun: Celebrate Every Little Thing”, a collection of life altering principles. She is also a singer/songwriter and has brought her uniquely inspiring messages forward through toe-tappin music with memorable lyrics.

Professionally, Dr. Lee has been awarded numerous federal grants for her research in "Peak Performance" and "Human Excellence. She is a strong advocate for diversity and the profitability of “playfulness”.

Dr. Lee touches the lives of individuals far beyond their expectations. Her clients include international corporations, governmental agencies and individual executives.

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