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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning - Your Road Map to Success

Strategic PlanningIf you want strategic planning that is efficient, thorough and results in your having the desired product, then you want the facilitation services of Vision Us, Inc. Participants are excited and motivated by the process and the product that we co-create together. Ownership and buy-in is a given when key players are engaged in the process.

During fast-paced, energizing sessions you will complete the following components of a strategic plan:

  • Purpose Statement - why you exist?
  • Philosophy Statement - what you believe in, what is important?
  • Mission Statement - what "business" you are in?
  • Vision Statement - what is your desired destination or future?
  • S.W.O.T. Analysis - what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, & trends?
  • Environmental Scan - internal - employee issues, challenges and desires? external - client feedback, suggestions and requests?
  • Goals - specific, measurable, achievable and challenging
  • Objectives - steps / processes necessary to achieve goals
  • Action Implementation Plan - what?, how?, when?, who?

Vision Us Inc.'s skilled facilitators will:

  • Guide the process
  • Remain neutral
  • Assist through frustration / conflict
  • Minimize "word-smithing" and keep the process forward moving
  • Call "time-out" when needed
  • Present and monitor a "Code of Courtesy"

In addition to facilitating the strategic plan, we teach you how to do strategic planning with other members of your organization. You are guaranteed to leave with a product that supports you in achieving desired results.

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