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Outrageous, Exceptional Customer Service

Outrageous, Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service ProgramVision Us, Inc. delivers an energizing, interactive, inf ormative customer service program that keeps the interest of participants. It is proven that retention of information escalates when a person uses all of their senses in the learning process. We tap them all and make it fun! Our program fits into a keynote presentation or a training session. We incorporate your meeting theme or training focus to tailor our presentation to your audience.

Participants learn simple top performing customer service habits. They gain an understanding that positive habits grow by obtaining knowledge, skills and attitude. They learn the why, what, and how of premium customer service. They apply that knowledge through practicing skills that directly relate to their work world. Most importantly, they grow the attitude necessary to transform knowledge into skills and ultimately into lasting positive habits.

We emphasize internal as well as external customer. The bottom line is employees who work well together pass on better service to customers. The implementation of basic systems to support and reward positive habits consistently result in excellent internal and external customer service.

Customer Service Program Emphasis the Habits necessary to move from "Hi, may I help you?" to

"Hi!  We Can Help You!"

  • How to establish customer rapport by using verbal and non-verbal communication
  • How providing excellent customer can be a contagious, fun unifying experience
  • The power of listening for customer needs and intentions
  • The joy of consistently and easily exceeding expectations
  • The ways to accomplish outcomes for even difficult customers
  • Tips for tapping patience and perseverance when the challenge is steep
  • Why customer service builds teamwork, cooperation and support
  • How to stay energized, motivated and positive
  • How we can demonstrate we value other’s feelings
  • Systems that support win/win for all concerned
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