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Increasing Positive Morale - PUMPED!

Increasing Positive Morale - PUMPED!

Increasing Positive MoraleVisi on Us, Inc. provides training, coaching and key-note speaking engagements to promote positive morale. Great companies and organizations know and do the following to fuel positive morale.

Extensive research shows that morale level dramatically impacts corporate and organizational success. A variety of factors can result in a lowering of positive morale and a decrease in enthusiasm. Regardless of the cause, the signs of low morale are evident. The sooner you address it, the easier it is to turn it around.

Our training consultants work with your team to improve morale by creating a context in which people feel respected, valued, stimulated and appreciated. We also help develop and implement systems that consistently promote and sustain positive morale.

Positive Morale is not some warm and fuzzy abstract concept, it is a tangible factor that contributes to quality work and effective performance.

Utilize feedback and input from employees to increase and maintain positive morale, often with the assistance of an outside consultant.  Teams create their own BUCKET LISTS of "Hey WHAT IF..." to offer opportunities to improve.

Make a commitment to recognize and treat people as the single most valuable asset, and invest in and act upon that commitment. Their walk matches their talk!

Payment and rewards include more than money and benefits. Respect, appreciation, cooperation, opportunities to learn, utilizing talents, being valued and doing something worthwhile are forms of currency that enliven positive morale.

Energy attracts energy. Positive or negative morale is contagious. If a morale problem exists, they do something! Doing nothing is way too expensive.

Develop tangible and pervasive systems to systematically promote and sustain positive morale.

Given the tools and opportunity people are eager and willing to promote positive morale. They prefer stepping up and participating in an engaging work experience, rather than just showing up as a breathing body that draws a paycheck. Human beings are built to succeed. Challenging times and situations still occur, yet when morale is high people stay energized and connected.

During our training, participants complete a streamlined questionnaire designed to identify style preferences and increase appreciation of their individuality. Specific, applicable tools will be offered on how to positively interact with different styles in ways that promote positive morale. Both intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills are offered, modeled and practiced.

Participants experience the impact of focus, communication, teaming and appreciation on positive morale. They leave empowered to assist in the creation of systems to sustain and increase the positive morale generated during the training experience. They are “Pumped” and ready to use the tools needed to keep positive morale alive and growing.

Leaders demonstrate genuine appreciation of people and commitment to their organization by facing morale issues head on. We can help you create a workplace where people want to show up, use their talents and share their expertise for an important purpose. By creating a culture of high morale, you empower people to live and leave a legacy of greatness. It is an important and worthwhile investment.

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