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About Vision Us, Inc.

Vision Us Inc.'s Mission:

To provide professional services to corporations, groups and individuals that promote individual and team peak performance. We inspire participants' commitment to increasing:

S trengths
P eak Performance
I ntegrity
R espect
I nterpersonal Skills
T rust

Our Vision:

Our vision is to give you leading edge training that is enjoyable and is directly applicable to your workplace. You will experience increased profit, better working relationships, and greater access to personal and team excellence. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

Vision Us, Inc.'s Goals:

To provide:

  • "State of the art" organizational development training utilizing The Excellence Principle, designed to grow what works.
  • A safe and stimulating environment in which maximum learning may take place.
  • Personal and organizational confidence by expanding perceived limitations that may be inhibiting ability to perform with maximum effectiveness.
  • Experiential learning opportunities. You will EXPERIENCE first-hand skills that lead to success as teams and individuals.
  • A model for feedback that focuses on APPLICATION of the skills you learn.
  • An enjoyable, worthwhile learning experience where participants are RESPECTED for their participation and unique strengths.

Vision Us Inc.'s Basic Values:

TRAINING CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR YOU! Utilizing the values of teamwork and partnership, we can maximize your training experience. You join with Vision Us, Inc. by clearly defining exactly what you want to accomplish for the training experience. We then custom design the training to meet your desired outcomes and respect the diversity of styles, approaches and skills afforded by your group. Working in partnership we design and impliment training that provides lasting results.

ENJOYMENT and FUN! People learn best when they are having FUN. Enjoyment is a primary component in the learning process. Your training is structured to stimulate ENJOYMENT and LEARNING simultaneously.

INNOVATION! Your training is the bench-mark in providing specific feed-back that is directly applicable to your work. You do not role play, but you do actually team together, and discover your success strategies for: focusing, setting outcomes, making profitable decisions, leading, delegating, implementing and celebrating successes. Participants are encouraged and assisted in creating an environment in which ideas are generated, nurtured and developed.

CLEAR and OPEN COMMUNICATION! Clear, courteous and open communication will set the tone of all training interactions. “You will learn that the word ‘communication’ is meaningless in our world of email, phone, IM, texting, etc., etc., Erase the word and insert RELATIONSHIP. Communication is the ebb and flow of information inside relationships. The quality of relationship we develop equals the quality of information exchanged. Every exchange is unique to the specific relationship.

DIVERSITY! We value the differences in your gender, race, nationality, culture, personality and work style. Research proves such diversities produce stronger and more creative approaches, solutions and teams.


Quality is defined as understanding each participant's expectations, customer expectations and agreeing on the performance and value of providing resources to meet expectations 100% of the time. We maintain a relentless commitment to continuous personal and organizational improvement, which is essential for growth.

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